Plastic Pallet 1400*1200mm

Plastic Pallet 1400*1200mm

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  • Product No.: KT-SMWG1412


1. Size: 1400x1200x150mm
2. Material: HDPE
3. Static load: 6000kgs
4. Dynamic load: 1000-2000kgs
5. We could reinforce the pallet if you need heavier loading

Model and sizes:
KT-WGSM1010 1000x1000x150mm
KT-WGSM1109 1100x900x150mm
KT-WGSM1111 1100x1100x150mm
KT-WGSM1208 1200x800x150mm
KT-WGSM1210 1200x1000x150mm
KT-WGSM1211 1200x1100x150mm
KT-WGSM1212 1200x1200x150mm
KT-WGSM1311 1300x1100x150mm
KT-WGSM1313 1300x1300x150mm
KT-WGSM1411 1400x1100x150mm
KT-WGSM1412 1400x1200x150mm
KT-WGSM1414 1400x1400x150mm
KT-WGSM1515 1500x1500x150mm,etc


1. Full specifications for factories, garages, warehouses, shelves and other places;

2. Four-way forklift entry, easy to operate, convenient for transportation, loading and uploading goods;

3. Professional design, reasonable structure, anti-slip process and stable stacking;

4. Hygienic, non-toxic, having no pollution on goods such as food, helping to improve warehouse environment;

5. Anti-slip rubber can be added;

6. Long service life and recyclable;

7. Customer's logo can be printed.


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