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How do you know on the plastic crate quality?
With the rapid development of the logistics industry and the transportation industry, more and more companies use plastic turnover boxes for product transportation and turnover.... View More>>
Are you using egg crate/egg tray? We provider it with lowest price
Egg crate is very convenient for egg storage and transportation.... View More>>
DHL Fedex TNT UPS Transportation Time geting much longer
DHL Fedex TNT UPS Transportation Time geting much longer... View More>>
Coronavirus affects for a while, but will eventually be defeated
Production already be normal,orders are on production as schedule. Stock are delivered orderly... View More>>
New Year is coming, busy production, busy delivery. Happy new Year
Chinese New Year period, production is busy, shipment is busy.... View More>>
EU Plastic Box/Container, why it called EU Box
EU Container/EU box more than 30 specifications in six series of 300 * 200mm, 400 * 300mm, 600 * 400mm, 800 * 600mm, 900 * 400mm, 1200 * 400mm... View More>>
New Sizes Plastic Moving Container/Box/Crate,for different choice
Turnover box/crate is also called logistics box, which is widely used in machinery, automobile, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries.... View More>>
Plastic Freezer Spacer,add air circulation,help save frozen time
The freezer spacer has an uneven structure (Egg holes) and also has pores for air circulation. It is an ideal product for cooling, quick freezing and refrigeration.... View More>>
A new model splicing pallet, more than 2000 customized sizes
Splicing pallet, a new type of plastic pallet, available in more than 2,000 sizes... View More>>
Plastic Pallet Container, for large packing and storaging
Pallet boxes are becoming more and more suitable for the market, especially for large-volume packaging... View More>>
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