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Red Color Freezer Spacers with fast delivery time
we could produce as your company color for freezer spacers... View More>>
Can the plastic slip sheet be customized to the color you like?
Can the plastic slip sheet be customized to the color you like?... View More>>
How to judge the quality of plastic crate?
Plastic turnover box is a widely used product in the logistics industry... View More>>
Our production equipmente of Slip Sheet
Our production equipmente of Slip Sheet... View More>>
Do you know the advantages of the plastic slip sheet?
Slip Sheet used with push-pull devices and is fully mechanized to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.... View More>>
Different Models Plastic Moving Turnover Container
Our company KING TAI produce different size attached lid containers... View More>>
New Fruit Crate
New fruit crate is very suitable for Europe,USA,African Market... View More>>
How do you know on the plastic crate quality?
With the rapid development of the logistics industry and the transportation industry, more and more companies use plastic turnover boxes for product transportation and turnover.... View More>>
Are you using egg crate/egg tray? We provider it with lowest price
Egg crate is very convenient for egg storage and transportation.... View More>>
New Year is coming, busy production, busy delivery. Happy new Year
Chinese New Year period, production is busy, shipment is busy.... View More>>
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