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How do you know on the plastic crate quality?
With the rapid development of the logistics industry and the transportation industry, more and more companies use plastic turnover boxes for product transportation and turnover.... View More>>
Are you using egg crate/egg tray? We provider it with lowest price
Egg crate is very convenient for egg storage and transportation.... View More>>
New Year is coming, busy production, busy delivery. Happy new Year
Chinese New Year period, production is busy, shipment is busy.... View More>>
Slip Sheet Packing and Delivery
Slip Sheets/transfer sheets are made of wet strengthened high-quality kraft liner. The multilaminated material makes the Slip Sheets extremely tear- and moisture-resistant. They can be used as a substitute for traditional pallets. This transport and stori... View More>>
The lightest weight pallet in the world, but with heavier loading, how it is
The EPS pallet may be the lightest pallet in the world, and it is environmentally friendly and greatly reduces the cost of air transportation. It has the characteristics of anti-cold, shockproof, strong force, light weight, easy to clean,... View More>>
Bulk and Stock
For the pallet box, we have plenty of stock,which provide a very fast delivery time for you... View More>>
Pallet Deliver
We load container of the 3 runners pallet 1000*1000mm today, even the day is dark, we all are happy.... View More>>
New Products
Drainage Cell... View More>>
The Spill Pallet Feature List and Using
The spill pallet is very import using on dangerous liquids industry, such as metal processing plants, mechanical processing plants, petrochemical plants, semiconductor electronics factories, solar cell plants, paint plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc... View More>>
New mold plastic pallet 1200x1000x150mm with edge
After two months of custom-made molds, King Tai Plastic Industry added a new plastic tray: 1210 with antislip edge ,flat plastic pallet. ... View More>>
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