Attached Lid Container 600*400*315mm

Attached Lid Container 600*400*315mm

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  • Product No.: KT-C315



Moving Crate Specification:


Name Moving Crate
Size 600x400x315mm
Material Virgin PP
Capacity 60L
Load capacity 50kg
Color Blue,green,yellow,red,white,black,etc
Logo Free screen printing logo

Moving Crate Feature:

1. Securely store and transport supplies.
2. Strong molded-in handle grips are ergonomically designed for easy lifting and carrying.
3. Padlock eye provides security option.
4. Reinforced hinge pins for years of smooth lid operation.
5. Offers maximum product protection.
6. Smooth interior for easy cleaning.
7. Stackable design, nestable to save space.
8. Textured bottoms provide a sure grip on conveyor belts.
9. Attached lids snap securely and do not get lost.
10. Eliminate use of corrugated boxes.
11. Multiple colors to easily color code and identify contents

1. Any color is available
2. Print logo as customer's need
3. OEM is welcome

Other size:

Model Size
KT-C315 600x400x315mm
KT-C340 600x400x340mm
KT-C320 600x400x320mm
KT-C370 600x400x370mm
KT-C540 540x320x320mm
KT-C335 540x320x335mm




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