New Material Plastic Tray for 30 eggs

New Material Plastic Tray for 30 eggs

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  • Product No.: KT-ET290


 Plastic Egg Crate Tray
1. Size: 290x290x50mm
2. Material: PP
3. Load: 30 cells eggs
4. Color: Green,yellow,blue,red

Egg Crate Tray Feature:
1. Made of PP Material for the egg tray
2. The egg tray could stack more than 10 layers
3. They could be loaded 2 meter in container or truck
4. The egg tray be washed at high temperature;repeated use
5. More ventilation, good permeability, improve preservation time of eggs
6. No extrusion and breakage, more high quality eggs
7. Reusable, quality assurance



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