How to judge the quality of plastic crate?

 How to judge the quality of plastic crate?


Plastic turnover box is a widely used product in the logistics industry. It is resistant to acid and alkali, oil stains, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used to store food, etc. It is easy to clean, and is transported, distributed, stored, and circulated in factory logistics. Processing and other links play an important role. There are so many plastic turnover box manufacturers on the market. How do we judge the quality of the plastic crates when we make a purchase? The following plastic turnover box manufacturers will introduce some criteria for you.


1. The turnover box needs to pass the vibration performance test. The so-called vibration performance test means that the turnover box is placed on the vibrating table according to the limit of the number of stacking layers under a certain load, and the vibration lasts for 60 minutes. The test is mainly to simulate the effect of continuous vibration on the turnover box during transportation. Then, the turnover box with poor earthquake resistance has a shorter life and fewer turnovers, so the goods loaded in the morning will be damaged. The material of such a turnover box is definitely not brand new and the reinforcement can not be manufactured.


2. It is necessary to pass the stacking strength test, apply a certain load to the turnover box, and the load time is several days, and then calculate the change in the height of the turnover box. This test mainly tests the stacking capacity that the turnover box can withstand during storage. , This is mainly related to the reinforcing ribs of the turnover box


3. The quality of the plastic turnover box is also related to whether it is brand new and the wall thickness


4. Under a certain load, hoist the turnover box for more than ten minutes to see if there is any deformation or damage. This is mainly for simulating manual handling. Whether the handle will be deformed and damaged when it is hoisted, if the quality is not good enough , May cause damage to the goods falling.